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C’est ma robe is a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 1,940 euros. It is registered with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Nanterre, of which the head office is Parc de Marnes Villa Dalécarlie 92430 Marnes la Coquette, under the number 791485824. ‘Cest ma robe’ or ‘we’ offer the service of rental of dresses and accessories (the ‘Products’), on the website, available at: www.cestmarobe.com (the ‘Site’), and in the showroom, situated at 1 Rue des Prouvaires 75001 Paris (the ‘Showroom’).


By placing an order on the Site or in the Showroom, you agree:


If you are private individual, that you are of legal age and acting on your personal needs, not as part of any commercial, industrial, artisanal, or liberal activity;


If you are a professional, to have received the necessary power and delegation to represent your employer or engage your business; to have read, understood and accepted the general conditions of renting here present (the ‘CG’), which determine your contractual relationship with C’est ma Robe and overrule any other document; and that you have the full capacity to commit to the CG here present.


We reserve the right to, at any moment, periodically modify, change, or update the CG here present. You must accept the modifications before all subsequent orders.


We advise you to save and keep a copy of the CG as it is on the day that you place your order.


Article 2 - Order and conclusion of an online contract on the site


The presentation of products on the website and in the showroom is not an offer but only an invitation to place an order.


2.1 The process of ordering online through the website


Your request to rent a Product is only complete once the process for the electronic order is finished on the site. During the selection of a (or more than one) Product(s), it/they will be placed in the virtual shopping basket. You must indicate the period for which you wish to rent the Product.


By clicking on the button 'confirm my order and make payment' to submit your order, you will be asked to enter your details in order to proceed to shipment, as well as selecting a mode of payment. Before finishing your order, all of the details relevant to your order will be recapitulated.


The order constitutes a binding offer on your part. An acknowledgement of receipt for the order will be sent to you immediately by email after you have confirmed the order. This acknowledgement of receipt, again, does not constitute an acceptance of the contract.


2.2 Confirmation of the order online on the website


Within 24 hours of you having received the acknowledgement of receipt for your order, we will send you an email to confirm to you whether or not we have accepted the order. This email confirms our acceptance of the order and the conclusion of the contract made between us, by virtue of which C’est Ma Robe will rent you the product(s) that you have ordered, in accordance with the CG here present. We will also send you an email summarising the payment and an email to confirm said payment, along with an invoice.


2.3 The right to withdrawal


As the end consumer, in the sense that the title is used in the preliminary article to the Code of Consumption/Consumerism, you have the right to withdraw the order from the rental services on the online site. We draw your attention to the fact that professional clients do not benefit from the right to withdraw.


Terms and conditions of withdrawals/ways to withdrawal.


You have the right to withdraw from the contract without stating a reason for doing so up to 14 days after placing the order. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day upon which you requested to hire a Product online.


To exercise your right to withdraw, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw by means of the sample form available here; complete it and send it to us. This is not obligatory and you can send any other statement of retraction provided it is devoid of ambiguity.


By post: C’EST MA ROBE Parc de Marnes Villa Dalecarlie 92430 Marnes la Coquette.

By email : contact@cestmarobe.com

So that the period of withdrawal is respected, it is sufficient to send your statement relating to the right to withdrawal before the end of the withdrawal period.

If you would like the rental of a Product to begin before the end of the aforementioned withdrawal period, in particular if you wish to hire a Product in fewer than 15 days from the rental date, you must send us an email explaining this and renouncing your right to withdrawal. If you do not send us an email, we cannot guarantee the delivery of the Product hired on the rental date agreed upon when the order was placed. You will receive the Product you have hired after the withdrawal period has passed.


Affects of withdrawal – Reimbursement


In the case of a valid exertion of your right to withdraw an order, we will fully reimburse the total sum you have paid for the rental of the Product concerned and the delivery of said product, no later than 14 days including the date on which we were informed of your decision to withdraw your order.


We will proceed with the reimbursement using the same means of payment to that used for the initial transaction, unless you expressly agree to a different mode of repayment; in any event, this reimbursement will not result in any charge for you.


2.4 Delivery


Places and methods of delivery


Deliveries can be made (in Metropolitan France and Corsica) to the address that you have entered while placing the order.


Delivery date and charges


Delivery charges are as indicated upon placement of the order.


We draw your attention to the fact that no deliveries will be made on Sundays and Public holidays.


If you have not received the product you wished to rent within the proposed delivery time indicated at the time of order we invite you to contact our Client Services department by registered letter in order to obtain a proof of delivery or by email in order to request that the delivery is made within a reasonable extended period.


If the delivery is not made within this agreed reasonable extended period you may cancel your order by supplying proof of delivery to our Client Services department by registered letter or email. In this instance you will be reimbursed the totality of the payment made at the time of order (including delivery costs) within fourteen (14) days of C’est Ma Robe receiving your request to cancel the order.


In the case of exceptional or unforeseen circumstances which seriously impede or prevent the delivery of the rented Product, we cannot be held responsible for incurred delays.


Delivery methods


The delivery will be carried out by the transporters proposed by C’est Ma Robe.


Article 3 – Opening and conclusion of a rental contract at the Showroom


3.1 Fitting


You may contact C’est Ma Robe to organise an appointment at the Showroom to try on products, during open hours. You may indicate the products you wish to try on, specifying size and colour where appropriate. C’est Ma Robe will do everything possible to offer you your desired products during your fitting, if this is not possible, such as if the Product has already been rented, is being cleaned or tailored then C’est Ma Robe will endeavor to offer you similar Products.


3.2 Reservation and payment


You may reserve a Product for a specified rental period during your appointment at the Showroom. We will ask you to pay a deposit if the rental period is more than 15 days after the date of reservation. This deposit will be taken at the time of reservation. We draw your attention to the fact that all reservations and orders made at the Showroom cannot be cancelled.


Article 4 – Price


The price of your order is that as indicated on the date of your order, either on the Site or at the Showroom.


All prices are given in euros and include all taxes (including the French VAT rate).


For each Product, C’est Ma Robe has indicated its retail price as set in store (‘Retail Price’). You are informed that in the case of non-return of rented Products or in the case of rented Products being returned in an unfit state as stipulated in article 10, C’est Ma Robe will charge and take the amount as stated as the Retail Price. You are forbidden to take any measures to prevent the taking of this sum.


Article 5 – Guarantee


C’est Ma Robe endeavors to provide an impeccable level of service and cannot take the risk of having to cover the costs of serious damages to, or non return of rented Products. It is for this reason that we ask an additional sum, alongside that of the rental price, as a form of guarantee.


This financial guarantee does not correlate to the Retail Price of the Product. It does not constitute a form of deposit and will be reimbursed to you when the rented Product returns from cleaning and it is deemed that no damage has been done. In the instance of damage to, or non-return of the Product, C’est Ma Robe will keep the guarantee sum as compensation and reserves the right to demand payment for all consequential damages.


The guarantee sum will be indicated at the time of order either on the Site or at the time of reservation at the Showroom.


Article 6 – Conditions of Payment


To place an order, we propose the following methods of payment: bank cards such as Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. In the showroom you may also pay by cheque or cash.


When ordering on the Site, your card will be immediately debited at the moment that you are notified by email that we have accepted your order.


Article 7 – Cancellation or modification of an order or reservation


7.1 Accidental order


If you have placed an order accidentally or you wish to cancel an order or reservation we advise you to immediately contact our Client Services department by email or telephone, before the delivery of the order. We will deal with your request as quickly as possible.


The cancellation request will involve the termination of the rental service initially ordered. We draw your attention to the fact that the cancellation of your order is only possible in the case that the Product(s) have not already been posted or taken.


If you cancel the order or reservation less than fifteen (15) days before the start of the rental period as stated at the time of order or reservation, the amount charged for the rental of the Product concerned will be retained by C’est Ma Robe, not including delivery costs which will be reimbursed to you.


In the case of cancellation of your order more than fifteen (15) days before the start of the rental period as stated at the time of order, C’est Ma Robe will reimburse you 75% of the amount charged for the rental of the Product concerned.


If you wish to modify your order and in particular the date of the rental period or the Product to be rented, or if you have questions regarding a return please contact our Client Services department in accordance with article 15 here below.


7.2 The delivered product does not suit you


If it occurs that, after delivery by C’est Ma Robe, the size of the delivered Product(s) does not fit you, we invite you to immediately contact our Client Services department by email or telephone on the day of delivery. You must try the Product(s) on with the C’est Ma Robe label still attached. The C’est Ma Robe team will try to propose some suggestions in order to adjust the size of the Product(s) to better fit you.


If, despite these suggestions, the size of the delivered Product(s) is still not suitable for you, you may return, on the same day, the Product(s) concerned in the original packaging with the C’est Ma Robe label still attached so that C’est Ma Robe may proceed with the refund process.  No refund will be made by C’est Ma Robe for items which are not returned in their original packaging or with the C’est Ma Robe label removed. Items must be returned on the day of delivery (as indicated by the postmark).


7.3 Exceptional circumstances which may effect C’est Ma Robe services


The completion of your order or reservation may be followed by exceptional circumstances which prevent us from renting you the Product(s) order(ed), such as in the case of unavailability of the Product(s) for the rental period specified and of which we do not know to be unavailable at the time of order or reservation (for example if a Product is returned to us damaged by another client).


Article 8 – Length of rental period


Each Product is rented for the rental period as indicated at the time of order, for a period of 4 or 8 days.


No rental period can commence on a Sunday or Public holiday.


The end date of the rental period corresponds to the date on which you will post the Product or give it to the courier designated by C’est Ma Robe.


Article 9 – Withdrawal – Delivery of rented Products


You are informed that the Products offered for rental by C’est Ma Robe may be entirely new products or may be products susceptible to showing some signs of usage.


The rented Product is delivered to you clean and in a protective cover. It comes with a sheet describing the state of the rented Product. For orders placed via the site the Product is delivered with a label attached. C’est Ma Robe will make no refunds for any Products returned without this ticket still attached as it acts as proof that the Product has not been worn or used.


In the case of non-conformity of the rented Product after delivery or after taking it from the Showroom, namely in the case of damages or signs of usage not specified on the Product sheet, you are required to state your reservations about the state of delivery or to refuse the Product. The annotation on the packing and delivery slip has no value.


In the case of delivery following an order made online, you must also immediately contact our Client Services department by email or by telephone and follow the returns process as already indicated, where appropriate.


If you do not respect these arrangements C’est Ma Robe will no longer take responsibility and you will not be reimbursed for a reason of supposed non-conformity.


Article 10 – Terms of use of rented Product

You must use the rented Product for its intended purpose, and with care. You are prohibited in particular from making any alteration or transformation to the rented Product.


You are equally prohibited from any commercial usage of the rented Product.


All risk of damage to or loss of the rented Product is transferred to you at the moment upon which you take physical possession of the Product. As guardian of the rented Product you must protect the Product against all damage, loss or theft.


Article 11 – Terms of return of the rented Product


11.1 Conditions of return


At the end of the rental period, you must return the rented Product to C’est Ma Robe in a state akin to that stated on the Product sheet, in its original packaging on the final day of the rental period with the product return sheet. We will take care of cleaning of the Product upon receipt.


You may also leave the Product at the Showroom, during opening hours or leave it in the care of C’est Ma Robe’s designated courier. The return costs will be covered by C’est Ma Robe.


11.2 Product returned damaged


In the case of damage caused to the Product, such as stains, burns, tears or breakages, we ask you to indicate these on the Product return sheet, specifying where appropriate the type of stain (fat, lipstick, makeup, wine, blood…). We ask you not to try to attempt to repair any damage or clean any stains on the rented Product. We ask you to immediately inform our Client Services department by telephone or email.


It is our aim to offer items for rental which are of an impeccable quality. Therefore if the Product you return to us has been damaged to an extent that it requires additional treatment (other than simple repairs or standard cleaning process) in order to offer it for rental again you will be charged the costs of the treatments required to return it to a reasonable state. We will send you a bill which will be payable with fifteen (15) days of its receipt by you. In the case of this payment not being made we will retain the sum you paid as a guarantee as mentioned in article 5 here above.


If the Product that you have returned has been damaged to the extent that it cannot be used for rental purposes again after cleaning and repairs we will retain the sum that you paid as a guarantee and bill you for the Retail Price of the Product concerned.


11.3 Late return or non-return


If it is impossible for you to return the rented Product, for whatever reason, and particularly in the case of theft or loss, we will also retain the sum paid as a guarantee as mentioned in article 5 here above and you will be billed for the Retail Price of the Product concerned.


In the case of non-return of the rented Product on the final day of the rental period, we will retain as compensation 100% of the guarantee is returned to us within the following 5 days. After the fifth day, if the Product is still not returned and without proof that the Product has been returned, you will be billed the Retail Price of the Product concerned.


11.4 Fight against counterfeit and fraudulent returns


The Productions offered for rental by C’est Ma Robe are authentic products. We have put in place a system of traceability of our Products in order to fight against counterfeit. Each Products is delivered according to this controlled system. You are prohibited from altering or attempting to impede this controlled system by any means, or by substituting a Product for another product, and in particular a copy or imitation.


Any product returned to C’est Ma Robe that is not the rented Product will be treated as a case of loss or theft. C’est Ma Robe will bill you the Retail Price of the Product concerned in accordance with article 11.3. C’est Ma Robe reserves the right to take actions against you.


Article 12 – Retention of ownership


The Product remains the property of C’est Ma Robe which offers you a rental service. You are prohibited from removing or modifying the labels put on the rented Product by C’est Ma Robe. The Product may not be transferred, lent, used as collateral or exchanged with another rented Product by a third party.


Article 13 – Protection of personal information


C’est Ma Robe will use the personal information you provide on the Site or in the Showroom in order to complete your order and send you information relevant to the products you have ordered.


You retain the right to access, modify and correct your personal information as well as the right to object to the processing of your personal data on legitimate opposing grounds or to send us an email at: contact@cestmarobe.com.


Article 14 – Responsibility


The present article refers to the entirety of the content, Products and services offered by C’est Ma Robe on the Site, in the Showroom and by any other means of communication made by C’est Ma Robe (email, telephone etc.).


C’est Ma Robe cannot be held responsible for the non-reception of an order or of information in the case of an error on your part, whether deliberate or not, when providing your personal information during the registration, payment or delivery stages of an order.


C’est Ma Robe cannot be held responsible for the non-reception of an order if you are not present at the address indicated at the time of order when the delivery is being carried out or in the case of late delivery and delivery problems outside of the control of C’est Ma Robe.


Owing to the nature of C’est Ma Robe’s business, you accept that C’est Ma Robe cannot control how another client uses a rented Product. By consequence, C’est Ma Robe accordingly cannot be held responsible in the case of it being impossible to rent, or a delay in the availability of a Product, due to another client.


C’est Ma Robe is only responsible for direct damages caused to you in the case of a violation by C’est Ma Robe of its contractual obligations in accordance with applicable law.


In accordance with article L 121-19-4 of the Code of Consumption/Consumerism, C’est Ma Robe cannot be held responsible in the event of failure to perform the obligations outlined in this contract properly if attributable to your behaviour, to an unpredictable or unforeseeable event on the part of a third party or in the case of a force majeure.


Article 15 – Intellectual Property


All elements present on the Site (this includes all content, text, image, code, design, brands, logos and Products) are protected by intellectual property rights. You are prohibited from using, copying or downloading any part of the content of the Site without prior and explicit agreement from C’est Ma Robe. Particularly prohibited is: the reproduction, representation, reuse, extraction, storing or saving of any qualitatively or quantitatively substantial parts of the Site, in any form whatsoever.


Article 16 – Client Services


You may contact Client Services:


By email at the address: contact@cestmarobe.com

By telephone on: 07 63 15 00 01

By mail at the address: C’est Ma Robe, Parc de Marnes, Villa Dalécarlie, 92430 Marnes la coquette.


Article 17 – Gift Cards


C’est Ma Robe offers the option of Gift Cards.


A Gift Card is valid for 12 months starting from the date of purchase. It can be used on the Site and in the Showroom either once or multiple times. It is neither exchangeable nor refundable, even partially, nor creditable to any credit card or bank account. It cannot be discounted and no profit can be generated from it.


It will be neither replaced nor refunded in the case of loss, theft or expiry.


The Gift Card is sent to you at the address indicated at the time of order ready activated and useable.


A Gift Card cannot be used as a form of payment to buy another Gift Card.


Article 18 – Mediation – Competent Jurisdiction


You have the choice to freely use the services of an ombudsman with a view to finding an amicable settlement to the dispute you bring against C’est Ma Robe.


The CG are executed and interpreted in accordance with French law. In the case of a dispute where an amicable solution cannot be found, the case will be referred to the French courts.


Article 19 – Other


These CG constitute the entire agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and all prior agreements, whether written or oral with the same purpose, is replaced by CG. All terms and conditions set forth in these CG are applicable to the extent permitted by law.


In the event that one or more provisions of these CG are considered invalid, void, unenforceable under any law, regulation or following a final decision of a court or competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions will retain their validity and impact, provided this respects the economic equilibrium of these CG.


The fact that a party acts with delay in exercising any of these rights or choses not to exercise them will not be considered as a waiver of these rights, be that in relation to a past or future event.


Furthermore, any waiver of rights made by any party regarding the provisions of the here stated CG will not be considered valid unless signed by the party or a duly authorised representative.


You accept that all correspondence and/ or communication and/ or transmission of information made with C’est Ma Robe in electronic form can be assumed to have the same probative force as that written on paper.